Robert 10-21-69, Alison K. Putney (Ali) 8-22-73, Cassidy 4-15-94 - Elias 1-6-03 - Beckett 12-1-04  My new hobby is GPS geo caching!  Ali is learning how to play the guitar. Cassidy played JV basketball and is on the honor roll - Elias is currently taking piano lessons from his mom - Beckett is eating and sleeping way more than normal (I think he's going through a growth spurt.

Michael 12-21-70, Melissa 9-1-75 ,  Devin 9-14-03, Quinn 5-15-06, I have been into collecting rocks and minerals and run a 4th and 5th grade Mineral Minds Club.  Devin and Quinn keep both of us very busy especially Melissa who  is one outstanding mother.  Devin is in his third season of soccer, while Quinn is reaching huge milestones for her age.  My best memory of Grandma is her not just being one awesome grandmother to me but a truly great grandmother to my children.

Mark May 16, 1973,Melissa ,October 16, 1974,Tyler February 23, 2003,Emma January 15, 2005,Ashton July 26, 2007 .... there will be a quiz on all of these later. Personal Achievement... wow, that's a tough one. I would have to say that being selected to the Executive Council of the American Federation of Teachers in Albany (in only my 12th year of teaching) has to rank up there ... along with having all of my cousins totally believe what I just wrote. I'll let you know as soon as the next child breaks a bone... which will probably be "Bruiser" again based on his No Fear attitude. Looking forward to getting together now and then. Echoing Chad's comments, it'll be nice just to hang out once in a while.

Michelle August 17, 1974 Spouse's name/birthday to be completed at a future time and date. Children's names/birthday to be completed at a future time and date. Significant other's name (so we can pick on you) to be completed at a future time and date. I have a job - and most days I like it and I'm passionate about it.  I bought my own house 2 years ago - and Gramma and Aunt Jan were my first official visitors! I've had the opportunity to do some traveling in and to the following places:  England, France, Spain, Monaco, Italy, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Mexico and the US.  I couldn't be happier to have my cousins back in my life.  I've got a little bit of travel planned for '09 - in April I'm going to Switzerland, Italy and France; in May I'm going to Quebec.....and NYC for a Bona Girls weekend!  So looking forward to that!  And know that you are all welcome at my house anytime!  I would like to agree with your suggestion for a Vegas getaway.  That would be a hoot!  I also think that maybe some time we should look into renting a beach house - or 2 depending how big it is - some where so that way we can just hang and people can bring their kids and eat, drink, swim and just enjoy life.  Oh.....and another suggestion is some rounds of golf!  Hope you are all ready to laugh when I show up with my clubs!  And do you have any targeted time frame yet for your February Break Party?  I'm just trying to plan that week friends' sons' 1st birthday party is that week on the 17th and I also want to go to visit a "friend" from college....details to follow on that one!  Keep me posted!

Chad  4/29/75 I am Not married and have no children. Currently dating, but have yet to find “the one”. Personal achievements Lived past 30,Have done "better" in life than my guidance consular expected. Have made it this far with zero concept of grammar, spelling and that pesky trigonometry. Family happenings I think you know the latest.... sadly.  I think my father looks like the drummer from this AC/DC clip when he was about 20ish years old.  VIDEO HERE  My company might be awarded the contract for the Governors ball at the Academy Awards. We already have several smaller things dealing with the awards. But this one is a big one.

My favorite memory… I have many.  But the simple ones stand out the most. Grandma shaking her fist at me and saying “why I outta”. Or saying as we are causing trouble “ you boys”. And in general the warmth that she projected.

 Eric, 2 / 15 / 77, Julie 10 / 22 / 70,  Cameron 12 / 17 / 03,  Colin  3 / 7 / 07, Debbie.  Worked for the  New York State Department of corrections for the past 10 years.  I have been a Drill Instructor for 8 years . I have worked at Willard Drug Treatment Facility and currently working Lakeview Shock Incarceration Facility.  There is a picture of me on the DOCSTODAY on page # 10. My vote for the names is the cuz buzz!