Scott-Grandma used to make us laugh when she would run to get the Binoculars to see what the neighbors were doing.

At lunch time sitting around the table in the kitchen Grandma and Grandpa used to playfully bicker and pick on each other.

My father used to pick on Grandma when we visit to the point where Grandma would retaliate with curse words in polish.  She never would interpret what she said.  It must have been pretty bad.

Grandma’s Pigs in a Blanket were great.

Tonya June 30, 1983.   My wonderful husband is Brandon Dubeansky.  His birthday is April 28, 1983.  No children yet.  Personal achievements?  Let's see...I guess graduating summa cum laude for both my bachelor's and master's degrees.  Working with 700 1st and 2nd graders each week, opening their world to music.  And most recently...learning to snowboard and play the banjo!  :)  The most exciting news is Brandon's new job.  He is now the Audience Coordinator for NBC's new show, "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," which begins airing on March 2.  Also, I am going to be an aunt! (Don't worry - it's not Steven.  Brandon's sister is expecting her first in March).  We love living in NYC.  There is always something to do - there is so much culture within the city, but we are also very close to mountains and the ocean for all of our recreational fun!  Everyone is welcome to visit!! :)

Steven, May 12, 1989.  No spouse.  No children.  No SO.   Athletic: 4:48 mile in high school.  Academic: Valedictorian.  Like Chad said, the most recent one is the most obvious.  My mom leaving her job would be another.  RPI is an awesome school, but I can't wait to go on co-op.  With regards to memories of Grandma.  Sadly, my memory is shot before middle school, so no childhood memories.  I remember visiting her in the hospital two summers ago.  It was the first time that I had seen her out of her element.  I also remembered visiting the farm and her cutting apples like it was her job.  Those apple slices were always the most delicious.

Brandon 11/3/91   Nik 04/06/94  Personal acheivement(s) Brandon-was 4th in the state of Ga for punting on the varsity team last fall; In 2002 was the goalie for the gold team that went to state cup and won over their arch rivals! Nik-loves to kick butt on World of Warcraft and come April will be getting my permit-can't wait!  Family happenings Mom and Dad going through a divorce.  Everyone can come to Atlanta-lots to do here! Stone Mountain, the Underground, Braves Game, The aquarium.