Text Box: Grandma Burek
Laughing, Loving, Caring
Every moment
Every Day
Making everyone else
Feel like #1
As important can be
We will all be
Together again
Facing, Dealing, Coping
Each and every battle
Not one was ever
Too big
As Great Grandma Kota
Would tell Grandma
And Grandma would tell me
It is what it is
Love, Michael
Text Box: Cuzz Buzz Trivia
Which cousin took this Mini Bike on a run and wiped out?  If memory serves correct everyone just cared about the condition of the bike!

Fondest childhood memory: Waking up way too early Christmas morning in Perrysburg and having Grandma chase me back into bed for another hour under threat of "a whooping!" Then letting me sneak back out and sit with her in the kitchen waiting for everyone else to wake up.  We would talk about all kinds of fun things.


Best advise from Grandma Part 1: After accidentally drinking earring cleaner out of a shot glass in the downstairs bathroom - I developed a terrible stomach ache (I was about 9 or 10).  I was finally starting to feel better (about an hour later) and Grandma said to me: "That'll teach 'ya for being stupid"


Best advise from Grandma Part 2: Before Ali and I got married I was talking to Grandma about how everyone thought we were too young and crazy to be tying the knot.  She looked at me with that lovable scowl on her face and said: "My friends and family thought I was nuts when I married your grandpa too.  Life is crazy. Don't worry about what other people think - just remember to take care of each other and love one another."


What I will miss the most:  Grandma's laugh.  It was cute, mischievous and contagious all wrapped in one.


Favorite Grandmaism:  "Life is short, so be good to each other."


Other Grandma stuff:  She had the most beautiful hands.  Her love of reading rubbed off on me. 

Text Box: Memories from Robert: